For all practices and matches, Players and Persons must ensure that the provisions relating to Players’ dress, set out by World Rugby Regulation are complied with in full. The following documents provided by World Rugby and USA Rugby will make it easy for you or your child to be ready for the sport of rugby

Equipment and Clothing

For Rugby

Equipment and clothing provided by the Club:
  • Club provides Shorts/Socks/T-Shirt for all junior players
  • Game jerseys - to be worn by players on game day
  • Practice balls and game balls
  • Tackle bags, scrum machine and other training materials
  • Clubhouse facilities, change rooms, showers
  • Fields for practice and games
  • Kicking tee
Equipment and clothing provided by the players:

ALL clothing and footwear MUST conform to IRB/World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12)


  • Rugby shorts: Black (Provided by the Club for all junior players)

  • Rugby socks: Green (Provided by the Club for all junior players)

  • Rugby cleats: 

    • Rugby and soccer cleats are OK. Football and turf cleats are OK as long as they satisfy the criteria.

    • Baseball cleats are not acceptable

      • rounded (circular) studs as long as they are smooth.

      • removable studs may be rubber or aluminum, NOT plastic, and must conform to IRB Specifications

      • molded rubber multi-studded soles are acceptable provided they have no sharp edges or ridges

      • cleats must not have a stud in the front centre under the toes.

      • high or low cut boots are both accepted

  • Mouth guard - properly fitted.

  • Practice jerseys - something to wear for practices.


Optional equipment:

  • Some players wear padded headgear or shoulder vests, forearm protectors, gloves etc

  • Fingerless mitts, chest pads for women

    • They must be approved by World Rugby and bear an IRB/World Rugby approval tag or mark

  • Players may NOT wear:

    • shorts with padding sewn into them

    • any items that are contaminated by blood

    • anything that is sharp or abrasive

    • Removal of all jewelry, studs, rings, etc.

      • If a stud or ring is not removable it must be covered with gauze/padding and adhesive tape. 

    • any items containing buckles, clips, rings, hinges, zippers, screws, bolts or rigid material or projection not otherwise permitted under the Law



Note: You will be asked to remove any items not having the IRB/World Rugby mark or tag and will not be allowed onto, or to return to, the field until that has been done. Should you be found in the playing area wearing an item you have been told to remove during a game you will be red carded and sent off for misconduct. The opposition will be awarded a penalty kick at the place where play is restarted.


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