Rugby 101

During the course of an 80-minute match, two sides of 15 players and six substitutes, officiated by a referee and two touch judges, try to outscore each other. The game lasts for two 40-minute halves on a grass pitch with an H-shaped goal post at each end. 

For Junior or "Age Grade" players and parents please download this document made available from Rugby Canada which outline the applicable age grade laws (rules) of the sport of rugby. Document found here

If you are a newcomer to the sport, the information here will outline the basics of rugby from scoring to set pieces, so use it to increase your enjoyment when it comes to watching the big games, or as a first step in your own playing career. Please watch this video from our friends at the RFU (England Rugby) on the basics of rugby

World Rugby: Rugby Ready Program

Registration is free and takes only a few minutes.


Developed by World Rugby, The Rugby Ready programme is intended to raise awareness of good practice and help stakeholders manage the inherent risks of a contact sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place.


The Rugby Ready web site is a powerful online resource that you can register to use for free. You can use the site to build, refresh and test your knowledge of the physical aspects of the Game.

The self-assessment programme comprises 18 good-practice modules covering:


  • Match preparation and physical conditioning

  • Correct technique

  • Injury prevention and management.


After completing the online Rugby Ready exam, you can download your personalised awareness certificate.