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Rugby Canada’s PlaySmart Programme

As of February 1, 2016, Rugby Canada has initiated the PlaySmart Programme. In addition to concussion guidelines, it also requires all coaches and match officials registering with Rugby Canada for the 2016 season to have completed the following: Coaches

  • World Rugby’s online Rugby Ready module

  • World Rugby’s online Concussion Management module

Match Officials

  • World Rugby’s online Rugby Ready module

  • World Rugby’s online Concussion Management module

  • World Rugby’s online Laws of the Game module

Rugby Canada Player Welfare – Reminder Please refer back to Rugby Canada’s Player Welfare Memo from May 29, 2015:

In it you will find important information regarding Rugby Canada’s Concussion Management, the use of World Rugby approved goggles, and details on “squeeze ball” and the U19 level. However, as a quick reminder, please note the following in regards to the Head Injury Assessment protocol: Contrary to belief, there is no “concussion bin” or any form of replacement or substitution for any player suspected of having a concussion – the Head Injury Assessment Protocol is only to be conducted at the international level of the game by World Rugby trained medical practitioners. As soon as any domestic player is suspected of having a concussion, they are to be removed from the game and all competition that day and are only to return to play after following the Graduated Return to Play Protocol. For more information, please see the World Rugby site on concussion:

For more information on Player Welfare, please visit:

For more information on Rugby Canada’s position concerning any of the issues above – as well as any other concerns regarding player welfare – please contact Nathan Abdelnour via email at nabdelnour@rugbycanada.ca or by phone at (250) 418-8998 ext. 302.

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