• Michael Thorne


New for 2016 we have teamed up with BLK a world leader in Rugby Apparel. We will be the FIRST club in Canada to sport BLK on the field and we are proud to finally offer our members a exclusive line of BLK/MICRC merchandise. Due to the lead times needed for production we have opted to have a condensed window for club members to order MICRC merchandise. All orders must be placed by end of day on Thursday June 2nd, 2016

The club shop will be open from May 18th, 2016 until June 2nd 2016

A couple key notes;

  • All prices are in USD with a CAD conversion noted for your records.

  • The comparison was made when the Canadian dollar was much weaker, the exact number may be a lot better today

  • All payments are processed securely through Paypal

  • All orders will ship collectively to the club and a designated time will be announced as to when members can pick up their order

  • Choose "Markham Irish Apparel" delivery option. This will help us offset the shipping cost to the club

  • You will notice different options for similar garments; this is based on custom design vs a stock pattern with our logo. The price will reflect this


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