Irish Green All Over Ontario Junior Teams

It takes a lot of courage, heart, determination and commitment to put yourself out with the best of all the clubs in Central Ontario in an effort to make the various Ontario Central Hub teams. There is nothing but pride held by the Markham Irish Club Members in all of those players who did their best to further their rugby experience through the Junior Provincial Tryouts. That effort only serves to better our various teams and better our club overall and for that we are very happy, proud and thank you.

A very special congratulations to the following Markham Irish Junior Players who persevered through a couple tryouts and were selected to their various age grade Central Hub Ontario sides.

No less than 14 players from Markham made the Central Hub teams.

Congratulations to:

1. Nicole Pahl - U-18

2. Danielle Pahl - U16

3. Jeremy Gamm - U18

4. Owen Schimpl - U18

5. Kobie Welch - U18

6. Michael Di Monte - U16

7. Laird McQueen - U16

8. Oliver Page - U16

9. Tye Wallace - U16

10. Ethan Moreton - U15

11. Rhys Patterson - U15

12. Alexandre Perzan - U15

13. Jake Vanker - U15

14. Zack Weatherall - U15


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