Difference Between Rugby and American Football

In preparation for our upcoming Superbowl viewing party I thought I'd share the differences between our two sports as told by Stubhub and http://www.diffen.com/

It is never right to plagiarize kids, none of this information was written by me!

American football is a game played between two teams and consists of 11 players in each of the two teams, with unlimited substitutions. American football is a game of intense physical play with complex strategy to score points by advancing the ball to the opponent team’s end-zone.

Rugby is best described as a blend of the contact of American football, the running of soccer, and the transition of basketball. It is a game played between two teams with 15 players in each, played on a rectangular field, with the object being to run with an oval ball across the opponent’s goal line or kick it through the upper portion of the goal posts.

Football vs Rugby

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