• Rugby Ontario


Programs Offered

U15 Men

U16 Men + Women

U17 Men

U18 Men + Women

Junior Program Schedule

Regional Open Try-outs:

June 11 10am-3:30pm - West, East and Central Locations

Regional Hub one-day Camps:

June 18 10am-3:30pm - West, East and Central Hubs

June 25 - 10am-3:30pm - West, East and Central Hubs

July 9 - Hub Training/Selection: Royal Military College (Kingston)

Tryout Locations

West Hubs – Brantford Rugby Club, Brantford (Map: https://goo.gl/DwXyKn)

East Hubs – Twin Elms, Ottawa (Map: https://goo.gl/GCYwWo)

Central Hubs – Fletchers Fields, Markham (Map: https://goo.gl/8SYmbg)

Associated Costs

Try out price = $45

Price for the Hub = $435

Price range for Provincial Teams traveling to national and international competitions = $1000 to $1400

Payment and Registration Methods

The $45 tryout fees must be paid online by June 7. Please follow the links below in order to make payment:

West Hub Payment Link: https://membersrugbyontario.sportngin.com/register/form/296396871

East Hub Payment Link: https://membersrugbyontario.sportngin.com/register/form/858579413

Central Hub Payment Link: https://membersrugbyontario.sportngin.com/register/form/468203473

NOTE: If you do not meet the June 7 deadline, you can pay at tryouts. The cost will be $50 and must be done via Credit or Cheque (NO CASH).

Provincial Program Philosophy

A player centred approach is central to delivery of all Provincial Junior Programs. There are many reasons for this:

It is good practice following Long Term Player development (LTPD) principles:

  • Players develop intellectually, emotionally and physically at different rates, and this affects both their learning and ability to compete

  • Provides a framework for managing the player's transition through a late specialization sport (rugby), helping to reduce occurrences of burnout, loss of interest and overuse injuries

  • Ensure the program is complimentary to the holistic development of players alongside their other rugby programmes

  • Personal development is encouraged amongst players and the coaches involved and prioritised over team outcomes

By creating a positive experience for all involved advocacy is engendered amongst players and parents thus promoting the program and rugby further. This is can be seen within the program in the following ways:

  • Coaches are encouraged to get to know player names (not numbers)

  • Players are encouraged to self-reflect on their own performance

  • Individual feedback is provided both verbally and in a written format

  • Progression is monitored through the season

  • The provincial programs are based around a performance mind-set not an outcome orientated mind-set

  • The Junior provincial program should be seen as a four-year program rather than four x 1 year programs that players can access when their development dictates

The Rugby Ontario Hub Program Aims…

  • To Identify with high potential and high performance attributes

  • To enhance the core rugby skills of every player engaging with the Hub program

  • To develop the positional specific skills of every player engaging with the Hub program

  • To provide Strength and Conditioning programing for every player for the duration of the program

Hub Program Objectives