CPR & First Aid Training at the Club

When not scoring tries on the pitch, our very own club member Abbas Pajooman is training people in first aid and CPR. Abbas is the Founder of One4All First Aid & CPR and he wants to help all those in our great community who may need to re-certify their First Aid and CPR certification.

I know a few of the Senior players have already showed interest and If enough people from the club are interested we can hold a class at the clubhouse over a weekend. It would definitely be a lot more fun than going to a public course. Plus, keeping it inhouse Abbas is able to provide a better rate than what you’ll find out there.

Abbas offers the following courses (with the rates):

  • CPR/AED only (5-6 hours, one 1) - $35/person +HST

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED (8 hours, one 1) - $60 + HST

  • Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (16 hours, over 2 days) - $80 + HST

In order to run one course at these rates Abbas needs a minimum of 10 participants. If you are interested please click on the link below and select one of the weekends that Abbas has scheduled:


Contact Information for Abbas:

Abbas Pajooman, BSc.KIN Founder, One4All First Aid & CPR Training Services Canadian Red Cross Training Partner C: 647-680-9219 E-mail: info@one4allcpr.com www.one4allcpr.ca

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