• Mike Thorne

2017 Sr. Awards Dinner

This past weekend the senior Men and Women's program celebrated the success of the 2017 season with the annual awards dinner. We'd like to take the time to highlight all of our awards winners and wish everyone a safe and happy off season. See you all in 2018.

Awards recipients

  • Ryan Anderson - Most Improved Player Senior Men

  • Kate McLellan - Most Improved Player Senior Women

  • Deandra Medford - Most Improved Player Senior Women

  • Kareece McGregor - Most Valuable Player

  • Mike Sheridan - Most Valuable Player Men’s 2nd XV

  • Gavin Howe - Most Valuable Player Men’s 1st XV

  • Tye Wallace - Rookie of the Year Men

  • Anna Horner - Rookie of the Year Women’s 1st XV

  • Pat Hodgins - Most Valuable Member

  • Fabian Rayne - President's Award

Awards Night Gallery

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