MICRC Family Day Fun Day!

Please join us and bring the whole family out on Family Day on Monday February 19th from 2 to 4 pm.

We are going to host and play touch / flag rugby in the SNOW!!!!

You can play as a whole family where it’s Father / Mother and Daughter or Son on the same team and or Parent against Kid. Trust us when we say it’s a ton of fun to be out there on the field with your kids enjoying some good exercise vs. staying inside and playing on an iPad. Your kids will love playing something with you at the same time. It’s just touch with flags and there is no tackling.

After the game we will warm up in our clubhouse and have a complimentary snack and beverage

Don’t worry about not knowing the game either as the best part about Rugby is that is a simple game to learn and play.

Rugby is a sport for everyone. Girls and Boys, big kids and little kids there is room for anyone. Lots of kids who have played before will be there to attest to how much fun they had.

We ask that you give us an indication by email (tkorba@mactrans.ca) that you want to come out for the fun and how many in your crew will be coming.

Thanks very much

Tim Korba

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