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Markham Irish Social Media and Communications Policy Released

The Main Question:

How do potential players, supporters, parents, volunteers, community groups and sponsors hear about the Markham Irish Canadian Rugby Club (MICRC) and our activities?

The Answer: Communications The effective use of social media such as the MICRC website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook platforms etc. that outlines (and not limited to) the club’s history, schedule and standings information, highlights of upcoming games/events, contact information, messages to members/players, engages feedback from others, photographs, news coverage about and engagement with the club and its players/members, sponsors, other articles or stories of interest to the rugby community, etc. can help answer the main question.

The Markham Irish Canadian RC felt the need to develop and release a Social Media Policy given our varied presence on the internet. This policy is designed to provide helpful, practical advice to all members, players, parents, volunteers and staff in respect of using social media effectively and positively. As a club we encourage the responsible use of social media.

We are proud to release this policy document and encourage all Players, Members, Parents, Volunteers, Coaches and visitors to please read it. Other Rugby Clubs visiting our page are welcome to use it or pieces of it as a template to develop their own.

You can see this document here: https://www.markhamirishrugby.com/policies

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