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2021 Senior Rugby Recap

Senior Men

Bouncing back from COVID has been tough for everyone, especially adult amateur athletes! Ontario moved out of COVID protocols surprisingly quickly once the process started in mid-summer, and progressed from touch to contact. Unfortunately, most were not prepared to return to the field, either due to other commitments or a lack of proper preparation. But all involved felt it was imperative to support rugby to whatever level we could to develop momentum for next season.

Coaches Conner and Martin did a great job and led the Irish to a 2nd place finish in the “North-East” division with a 2-2 record.

This led to a playoff battle with Burlington on Oct. 23. Unfortunately travel worked against us and we fell short 27-10.

We expect to have indoor training organized in the off season and will hit the ground running next year!

Senior Women

Given the late start and many players with other commitments, the senior women decided not to field a team this year. A number of ladies kept fit training with the men, and we did host a very successful fall sevens tournament at Austin Drive. We expect and are looking forward to field a team again next season.



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