MICRC  Recruiting Incentives 

In order for MICRC to thrive and grow, we need to increase the number of players we attract at all age groups.  This is particularly critical for the junior program.  If we maintain a thriving and growing junior program feeding the senior programs with highly skilled players the club will continue to excel in all areas.


Get out and invite your friends, neighbours, school mates, work mates and everyone to come and see what the Markham Irish are all about. Rugby is a fantastic game but so few people know it exists.

We all need to promote Rugby and the Markham Irish every chance we get.

In order to get things started, effective immediately, the executive have agreed to the following incentive program.

For every new to Markham Irish player brought to the club by an existing player, we will pay the following incentives:

For new Senior Men's players:                  $100.00

For new student and Women's players:  $ 75.00

For new Junior players (U14-U18):          $ 50.00

For new Mini (U12) players:                      $ 20.00 EB gift Card


The rules are simple, requests must be submitted in writing (email) to the registrar@markhamirishrugby.com. Include the name of sponsoring player and the name of the new player.  Once we have confirmed the fully paid up status of both players, the award will be issued, normally within a couple of weeks after all payments have cleared.


If you have questions, please contact the registrar.