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Paid Opportunities

It takes a village of volunteers and employees for us to run our operations smoothly, and we are grateful for each member of the Irish family. If you are interested in working with our club, check out the available positions below. 

Recruiting/Coaching Interns - position filled

Ideal for post-secondary age rugby players, these roles will include activities to increase exposure to rugby for young people who are new to the game, as well as assisting, coaching and scouting players who are already playing rugby, both outside and within the Club.  The Exact role and wage level to be determined on an individual basis.

Clubhouse/Field Manager - position filled

This role involves overseeing and managing the physical aspects of our clubhouse and field.  This includes managing our janitorial and landscape providers, as well as general tidying, upkeep and improvement of the facilities.  It will also involve stocking of food and refreshments as needed, organizing volunteers in meal prep, and managing bar sales. Smart-serve designation will be required.

Manager of Interns/Volunteers/Events - position filled

This role involves leading our teams of volunteers and interns by managing their schedules, ensuring we have enough event coverage, staffing events, and overall maintenance of event scheduling.

Paid Opportunities: Amenities
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