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Player Safety: About

Player Safety

At Markham Irish, nothing is more important than player safety.  As a sport, rugby progresses from non-contact mini rugby to the extremely physical version played at the highest levels.  It is the physical and mental challenge that rugby provides that makes it such a great sport.  With these challenges there is always a risk of injury, but by focusing on safety and working with our governing bodies, we try to mitigate this as much as possible. 


Some of these safety protocols include:

-Tailoring  physical aspects to the appropriate age group (tackle is not introduced until u12)

-Trained coaches that focus on technique, timing, body position and self-protection

-Quality equipment

-Trained athletic therapists at all games

-Health and Safety coordinator as an Executive Board position

-Strict adherence to Rowan's Law for concussion management, as well as implementing

  the new Blue Card protocols

-Elevating player safety above winning in all Club and coaching decisions

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