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Participation Incentives

At Markham Irish, we believe that our role is to encourage as many people as possible to participate in the game, whether as a player, coach, referee, administrator or fan.  We want to make sure that we offer lots of opportunity, and to provide support if finances are a barrier:



All players are required to register for the club through the SportLomo registration system.  While we can't adjust this amount (which includes mandatory insurance and fees to our provincial and national unions), we do provide subsidy support for players who travel significant distances or have financial or other challenges.  Additionally, we can spread payments over time to lessen the sting.  If you need help, reach out.  Costs should never be a barrier to participate!


Representative Players

Rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes.  We encourage widespread participation, but also support players who want an opportunity to compete at a higher level.  As a result, we are proud to provide financial support to provincial (Rugby Ontario) or national (Rugby Canada) levels, as well as at recognized colleges and universities.

Export the colours of Markham Irish.  We’re behind you all the way!


All coaches at MICRC will have their dues and fees paid for by the Club.  Volunteer parent-coaches will also have the club dues for their child forgiven.  Those coaches who coach a team which doesn’t contain their child will receive an honorarium for their efforts, as well as any mileage or other expenses that may be necessary.

In addition to financial support, MICRC encourages constant learning and upgrading of skills, and will pay any fees for coaching clinics and other learning opportunities.


Refereeing a rugby game is hard, but can be very rewarding.  Many players make a transition to reffing when their playing days have come to an end through age or injury.  We need referees, and offer an atmosphere of support.  Club referees will have their Club dues forgiven, and will be supported in any efforts to improve skills through reffing clinics etc.  Additionally, referees are paid for each sanctioned game they cover

Players wanting more information on playing for the Markham Irish can contact Club President  at 

In order for MICRC to thrive and grow, we need to increase the number of players we attract at all age groups.  This is particularly critical for the junior program.  If we maintain a thriving and growing junior program feeding the senior programs with highly skilled players the club will continue to excel in all areas.

Refer a Friend

As with most things, there is strength in numbers.  All sports organizations thrive with higher participation levels, and MICRC is no exception.  To help with player recruiting efforts, we offer the following “refer a friend” program to incentivize active recruitment.

For every new to Markham Irish player brought to the club by an existing player, we will pay the following incentives:

For new Senior players:  $100.00

For a new Post secondary player:  $75.00

For new Junior players (U14-U18):  $50.00

For new Mini (U12) players:  $20.00 EB gift Card

The rules are simple, requests must be submitted in writing (email) to the Include the name of sponsoring player and the name of the new player.  Once we have confirmed the fully paid up status of both players, the award will be issued, normally within a couple of weeks after all payments have cleared.


Once the lifeblood of rugby, and the highlight of many playing careers, touring has become more difficult in recent years.  Time availability, costs and liability issues have all acted to make undertaking a tour far less appealing.  At MICRC, we believe we have an obligation to help overcome some of these barriers.  If you’re interested in organizing a tour, we can provide expertise, support and seed funding to help get it off the ground.  Touring is the highlight of many rugby player’s careers, and is an area that should be re-emphasized!

International Players 

If you are an overseas players considering playing rugby in the Ontario league the Markham Irish Canadian Rugby Club would welcome you for part or all of the season. The rugby season in Ontario starts in May and ends in November.

Please note that all players must be registered to play with the Markham Irish in the Ontario league. In addition, overseas players must have travel health insurance that covers them to play rugby while in Canada. A copy of your policy must be included when your registration is submitted to Rugby Ontario.  Information on registration costs can be obtained from our membership director,  (click here to email)


Players aged 18 to 35 from particular countries can come to Canada under three categories as part of the International Youth Programs. These are Working Holiday, Young Professional / Young Worker, and International Co-operative Education (click here for more information). Countries included under this program are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (for specific programs for each country click here). More general information on immigrating to Canada is available on the Citizenship and Immigration website

Players coming to Toronto over the summer may be able to find affordable accommodation through the student residences at the University of TorontoRyerson University, or the Neill-Wycik Student Co-op and Hotel. Those players looking to rent apartments may want to look at, Craig's List, or Rent Seeker for information on likely rental prices per month for different areas of Toronto. We can offer suggestions on locations, in general, anywhere with close access to the subway works well. Although the Markham Irish Canadian Rugby Club will attempt to help you find work after arrival in Canada, we cannot promise that work will be available. Information on work options (wages, availability) can be found on, Workopolis and Craig's List

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