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A Special Thanks...

Here at the Markham Irish, our community is built by tireless volunteers. In 2024 alone, we have accomplished so much! Our numbers are growing, and so is our home. Some recent improvements have included a new scrum machine, a new shed, new wi-fi, and a face-lift to the clubhouse. We would like to take a moment to recognize all of the hard work poured into our club recently.

The Shed: A huge thank you to Brett Domenchuk for leading the charge on the build of the new shed. Brett lent us tools, purchased supplies, and ushered us to construction glory! Chris L led his team of Kadeem, George, Brett, and Marlon for a finished product sitting on our patio temporarily in April. The shed pad excavation was done by Adam Haney. George C has been moving crushed stone to the excavation from the parking lot.

Scrum Machine: Chris L and George C got our scrum machine field-ready! This tool will be invaluable for scrum training.

Wi-fi: Chris L invested his time researching and facilitating installation for Star-Link wifi in the clubhouse. We look forward to many events and convenient internet connection!

Clubhouse Clean up: Special thanks to Taylor Weatherall, George Clim, and Matthew Domenchuk for all their hours spent on painting and cleaning in the club! Just because we've been around for decades, doesn't mean we have to look it! These young members made our club sparkle.

We are so grateful and honoured to have such committed team members. Thank you to these dedicated individuals and all of our Markham Irish family for investing your time, effort, and passion into our club. For 2024, continuous improvement is our theme.

Markham Irish - Play better (and look better too!)



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