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Now Hiring: Rugby Development Officer

Markham Irish are super-excited to announce the creation of a new position:

Rugby Development Officer!

We’ve taken a deep dive into rugby in Southern York region, and our role as a club. As demographics change, we recognize that as part of our mandate, we need to actively introduce rugby to our community, and to actively encourage existing schools

and other players to join our community. We need to grow and nurture rugby in our community!

The basic goals of this new position will be three-fold:

1) Introduce rugby to young people through school and community programs.

2) Encourage current players/coaches and referees to join the club to further their playing careers and development opportunities.

3) Continuous support of the Markham Irish community by facilitating and encouraging development of our club coaches and referees.

This role has been a longtime dream, but never with the resources to make it a reality. Now, with the proceeds from the sale of Fletchers Fi

eld, we are creating a full-time position that will be ideal for someone passionate about rugby, likely at the beginning or end of their career path.

If you are interested in learning about the role, encouraging someone to apply, or applying yourself, you can review the job description, as well as relevant details by clicking here:



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