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2021 Junior Rugby Recap

Our junior program suffered the same challenges as our senior teams. An unexpected start to the season, and delays as we waited for Covid protocol approvals from Rugby Ontario. Once started, there was confusion as the kids played touch then flag and finally tackle. It was confusing for the kids, and tough for the coaches as they constantly pivoted to the conditions.

There was no organizational support from Rugby Ontario, so teams had to organize their own schedules and run their own tournaments. Everyone involved did a great job and we successfully provided opportunities to all the kids. We also ran some very successful events including a junior tournament, a speed and agility clinic and a great club night event. Things wrapped up on October 23 with a parents-kids touch game followed by awards and lots of pizza.

Junior director Tim Korba and all the coaches did a great job organizing events throughout the summer, and based on the many smiling faces, the kids had a great experience. We have lots to build as we’ve already started planning for next year!



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