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2022 Season Salute

At the start of April 2022, the Markham Irish staff really wasn't sure what to expect for our summer season.

Covid-19 had ravaged our ranks and morale, and the prospect of garnering enough players to field full teams was a daunting task.

With much organization and determination from our staff and volunteers, we pulled together a successful season!

We simultaneously ran minis, juniors, women's and men's team, all of which were almost full capacity teams. During the times where our numbers were struggling, we adapted new ways to keep our momentum going, including reducing season fees and merging teams with other cities.

We were even able to get in some events for the season, including a club night, an awards banquet, and a golf tournament.

The players on each time played their hearts out, no matter how big or small, young, or *ahem* "seasoned," they showed up to play. Thank you for dusting off your cleats and making this season one to remember. Getting in shape after the covid-20 lbs weight gain was tough, but everyone was in tip-top shape by July!

To the parents who showed up to every practice and game with their young ruggers, thank you for your support, supply of orange slices, and spades of patience. Developing the next generation of players is not possible without you.

To the Markham Irish staff and volunteers - I bet you're ready for a break! Jokes aside, thank you for all your hard work and countless hours dedicated to making this season work. We could not field teams, coach efficiently, or better our organization without the time you put into our club.

Thank you to all. No matter how small or big your role this summer was, you are part of the Markham Irish Family.

Stay tuned for any fall or winter updates. We'll be releasing more news shortly. If we don't see you inside this winter, then see you next summer, Irish!


Markham Irish Staff



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