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2024 Junior Tour to Halifax

The club is very happy to announce that we are hitting the road in 2024.

Planning is complete for a Halifax Tour the end of June.

We are hoping to take a U15 team - a blend of U16 players coming down and U14 players coming up.

Parents are welcome to join - simply need to make a second registration in addition to the player (listed as student) registration.

We are hoping to get 20-25 players, plus interested parents, and 4 coaches.

There will be a series of fundraising activities this summer and throughout the off season.

The fundraising target is $10,000 with the proceeds being used to mitigate the cost for each player.

Below is a link and some information provided by the tour operator.

**Please note that at this point we are encouraging interested families to register in order to verify we have enough interest to confirm the trip with the Tour operator.**

Registering will only be an expression of interest at this point. Should there be enough interest to confirm the trip, additional information will be forwarded regarding payments.

We would like any interested families to please register online and pay nothing (so that we can book and secure the right # of hotel beds & airplane seats).

Just so there is no confusion, we collect the credit card info upon registration, but no payments will be taken until that first deposit date.

We will reach out to everyone who signs up as soon as the trip is approved to remind them of the payment and give them a chance to cancel before collecting any deposits.

Here is the e-brochure: Brochure

To register for this trip and secure your spot, please click on the link and click on the “REGISTER” button on the top right corner of the page (you will need to be on a computer or turn your phone sideways to view all the tabs) and enter the trip code: 24-01-MIRC

At this time, we are not asking for any payment. Please enter your credit card details and note that we are not processing any payment. We will process your credit card when we know our final numbers and the airfare is secure (price is subject to change if the airfare goes up before GHT secures the group).

If you do not have a passport handy or updated, please select, “I am renewing my passport” to bypass this section.

Once the trip reaches critical volume and all services are in place, we will reach out to you for payment.



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