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Nine, Dine, & Wine Event Recap

On September 9th, the Markham Irish family rolled onto the green. No, not the rugby pitch - the golf course!

We had players, parents, and staff come out to Markham Green's Golf course to have an evening of Nine, Dine, and Wine.

What happens when a rugger plays golf? Well, there's lots of duffing the ball involved....

It was a very well attended event, and the weather was perfect for the game. After golf, the teams went to Colonel Mustard's in Markham, who provided a delicious roast beef dinner. The restaurant was also kind enough to let us hog the karaoke machine. Apparently, ruggers cam golf AND also sing, who knew!?

A huge thank-you is owed to Tim Korba, our Junior Director and all-around star team member, who organized this event. Thank you for your hard work, Tim!

This event was a great way to wrap up our summer season. Thanks for coming out, see you soon!

Sincerely, the Markham Irish Staff



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